Relocate to the South Coast: Poole Harbour makes a great place to live

Moving out of London? Searching for a new area to move to? With a wide choice of properties for sale, living beside Poole Harbour offers an invigorating lifestyle for all.

Homes located on the waterside grow in popularity and value by the year. Poole Harbour is an area of approximately 36 square kilometres in Dorset and it is claimed to be the largest natural harbour in Europe. Nine islands sit within the harbour, the largest of which is Brownsea Island.

The overriding allure of the area has to be the spectacular sea of boats which live on the water and provide a perpetual calendar of entertainment. It is said that you can find a boat for all seasons in these waters. In Poole Quay, for example, residents enjoy spectacular views of the north side of the harbour. Poole is a busy fishing port with fishing vessels delivering a fresh catch daily.Poole Quay, Dorset

The quay seascape merges gritty waterside industry with sleek pleasure-boat cruising.

Poole Quay

A number of passenger pleasure boats offer the opportunity to explore the harbour and beyond to the Jurassic coast of Dorset.

Poole Quay 089

Sunseeker, the International luxury yacht manufacturers, is based in Poole Harbour. Local residents enjoy watching super-yachts in production, on the water and moored along the quay all year round. Owners experience the ultimate pleasure cruise.

Poole Quay 069

Passenger ferries on the way to the Channel Islands and France leave Poole Harbour daily during the summer season. Living here offers you easy access to France through all the seasons, without heading to Heathrow or Kings Cross first.Poole Ferries

If you are searching for property that is ideally located to enjoy the best of the harbour, look in the specific areas of Poole Quay, Poole Park, Harbourside Park, Whitecliff, Lilliput, Evening Hill and Sandbanks. These areas hug the perimeter of the harbour and offer, in Berkeleys opinion, the best waterside living options in Dorset.


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