Why Established Estate Agency Brands Count In The Canford Cliffs Property Market

In such a small high-end property market, it appears that established estate agency brands really do count in Canford Cliffs and Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset. When Berkeleys Estate Agents opened its doors in 1991, it was one of probably three property agents on Haven Road, Canford Cliffs. Today there are seven, counting bricks and mortar agencies only, but not forgetting online agencies are growing too.

Berkeleys Estate Agents, Canford Cliffs, Poole, Dorset

What does the local property market make of the evolution of estate agency services locally? It has certainly been a decade of change. Local clients have seen new nationals and small independents move into the Village, all offering what appears to be a ‘similar’ service. So what differentiates agents today – service, commission, reach, knowledge, people or perhaps…brand?

With the average house price in the area now exceeding £644,000 this summer, and the number of house and apartment sales transactions in BH13 around 251 over the last 12 months, it’s an interesting market for agents for sure, and a solid one too if you look at the maths.

 Here at Berkeleys, we have enjoyed almost a quarter of a century of trading under a brand name which stands for quality, trust and personal service. Indeed, clients have been putting their trust in Berkeleys residential sales and lettings in greater numbers than ever before, regardless of the choice of agents on offer today. Yes, we have changed, but the principles underpinning the business remain the same. We are more digital, with more online presence than we were in the 90s, but we have not lost our friendly persona or our wide open door, through which local residents appear with ever greater frequency and reliability.

So what is it about Berkeleys? Clients choose Berkeleys for many reasons but there are three which come up with reassuring frequency.

Trust – We were here yesterday, we are here today, and we will be here tomorrow. Industry accredited and financially sound, clients feel certain with Berkeleys.

Reach – With our national reach through The Guild of Professional Estate Agents we bring more buyers to every property for sale in Canford Cliffs.

Service – The Berkeleys team are local and knowledgeable. Familiar with the local market, property values, price comparables and national buyers relocating and buying or renting in the area, our team are here to help.

Furthermore, alongside this rationale for choosing Berkeleys, is our continued investment in the Berkeleys brand. Whether it is launching the new berkeleys.com website, investing in client property marketing, enhancing our digital presence or just making sure you can find the Berkeleys brand with ease in BH13, we never stand still. It’s good to know that brand building really does deliver results for Berkeleys’s clients. Pop in to see us today, you are always welcome.








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